A Twenty-First Century Seeker, Pradhan Balter

A Twenty-First Century Seeker, Pradhan Balter
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Mantaining spiritual principles in a very hectic world

An easily accessible manual to learn meditation and incorporate spiritual principles into today’s very busy world.

Written in fresh, easily understandable and entertaining style, this personal guide to learn meditation offers a proven way towards becoming a happier, more peaceful, and spiritually practical person. Author Dr. Pradhan Balter has practiced meditation for 45 years and offered meditation programs in more than forty countries. This book will speak to anyone who is looking for effective tools to de-stress and to re-connect with one’s inner source. The book guides the reader in creating an inner environment that will empower him or her to successfully cope with challenges of life. Unlike many “learn to meditate” titles, the reader will gain tools to incorporate spiritual principles into today’s very busy world. The author, who is a chiropractor, restaurant owner, and computer graphics specialist, has taught meditation for 43 years. The book is based on the hundreds of lectures he has offered and reflects his interaction with spiritual seekers from around the world. It is of value to anyone at any level of spiritual seeking – from the absolute beginner to the experienced meditator.


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